How to Install?

Option 1

  • Create new or open any of your Google Slide.
  • Go to menu "Add-on" and click "Get Add-on" and search for "Fillable Slide".
  • Install it and start using it.

Option 2

Directly reach the add-on using this link in GSuite Marketplace

Fillable Slide at GSuite Marketplace

“Fillable Slide” makes Google Slide as live fillable form and store data, publish merged slide with email notifications.

This “Fillable Slide” add-on opens Google slide as live fillable form with the ability to store data into Google spreadsheet, publish merged slide as Google slide & PDFs along with templated notifications.

This add-on makes template processing easy with Google Slide. It comes very hand when you want to … anything that you have a template.

The fields are marked with ${field name} style in slide or can be created in the sidebar and inserted into the active slide.

The data filled in the google slide can be stored into a spreadsheet destination and be published as slide and PDF into a Google drive folder.