Fillable Slide” is an add-on application for Google GSuite that makes Google slide into a live fillable web form magically.

Users can prepare a template presentations in GSuite with placeholders in ${field name} format and use "Fillable Slide" add-on to fill fields values, store data in to spreadsheets, publish a merged slide with email notifications.

It is product from Jivrus Technologies.

Why Fillable Slide Stands above?

  • Fill the slide as online Form right from Google slide itself
  • Users can visually present the slide as fillable web form and fill the form with data. This connects the user directly as they fully see what is happening when they publish the slide. Yes, Fillable slide is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
  • Generate the merged slide as Google Slide and PDF. Interestingly, open the generated file right there.
  • Deliver the generated slide/ PDF through email using custom email templates.
  • Publish form to your users and collect the data.