Price Plans

Fillable Slide is a great add-on for Commercial, Educational as well as Non-Profit organisations. You can choose from the below plans based on your profile and usage pattern.

Basic features of "Fillable Slide" is always FREE with limited quota.

FREE Quota per month

  • 10 Google Slides/ PDF generation per month
  • 50 saves into Google Sheets per month

The quota resets in the starting of every month (when users try using Fillable Document)

Premium features need a professional (Pro) license. You can choose from the below plans based on your profile and usage pattern.

Professional License

Pro features

  • Unlimited saves into Google Sheets*
  • Unlimited Slide and PDF generation*
  • Unlimited email delivery*

* subject to underlying GSuite limitation

Buy Now

Only $6 per Month


Only $60 per Year

Note: Please provide your gmail or G Suite email id from which you will be accessing this add-on. On payment, your email will be automatically provisioned with Pro plan.

Monthly Plan

Annual Plan

Domain License

Domain Licence

Want "Fillable Slide" for more than 5 users in your domain?

Get a customised price for you

Or write to us at

Please write your requirement detail along with number of users, domain name(s), any additional features required

Attention: Customers from India:

  • You may not be able to pay through PayPal.
  • If so, please contact us or write to with the plan that you are looking for.
  • We can send you an invoice and bank details to directly transfer
  • Following payment, we can provision your license

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check whether my payment is successful?

After payment is made, you can re-open the add-on and check "Accounts" menu item. This will show whether you are upgraded to Pro version and show the validity period of the license.

Can I use same license from different devices?

Your license is attached to your email that you provide on "License to Email" field. You can use the license from any device when logged into the licensed email id.

I accidentally bought the license on a different email account. Can I transfer my license to another email?

Yes. The license is transferrable. Please raise a support request using Contact Us by providing details.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your PayPal account. If you are not able to do that, please Contact Us.

There is no refund for already paid subscription, but there will be no further subscription fee charged when you cancel the subscription.

Is there any cancellation fee?

No. There is no cancellation fee.

Can subscribe again after 2 months of cancellation?

Yes, you can subscribe again anytime after cancellation. Your new subscription period starts from current date or existing validity end date (whichever is latest)